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Steps to Prepare for a Vacation from Work

Vacations are an important way to keep your mind fresh and celebrate a job well done. In order to help you spend this time on the beach rather than on your computer, we created a list of the top...

5 Must-Have Features in Software to Manage Your Legal Entities

You’re in the market for software to manage your legal entities. Good. You’re on your way to helping your business run more efficiently — and to making your life a lot easier.

What happens when you fail to file your annual report


When you create a legal entity, you enter a world of deadlines

They’re all important — all tied to punishing fines. But there is one that threatens businesses more than any other: the annual...

How Excel Could Put Your Legal Entity Management Process at Risk

How many times a day do you open Microsoft Excel?

If you’re like most modern professionals, the answer is probably a lot.

Why missed deadlines matter when managing multiple legal entities

Different types of legal entities come with different filing deadlines: Estimated quarterly tax payments are due on the 15th of January, March, June and September. W-2s had to be filed by Jan. 31....

How one real estate developer is using technology to ease the pain of managing multiple legal entities

StreetLights Residential is a large-scale real estate development company made up of 385 legal entities, and counting. Deboraha Myers is responsible for managing all of them.

Investing Can Be Complicated: Manage Your Structural Assets Easier

Investing can indeed be a complicated venture for anyone, but the institutional investor and the investment community at large face the problem of breaking this complexity down into a more simple...

EntityKeeper Software Responds to Complexity Demands in Law Firms and Legal Industry

The legal field is yet another industry going through significant disruption, change and innovation as law firms move from legacy workflow processes to software and cloud-based solutions that will...

EntityKeeper's Management Tools Can Make Mergers and Acquisitions Transitions Smoother

If you are on the offensive with the firm’s investment strategy, identifying target markets, acquisitions, and transaction structuring, than you live to expand the firm portfolio and...

Energy Industry Can Benefit from Better Data, Asset, Compliance and Integration Management


The energy industry is a unique and dynamic industry, one that is changing yet still maintains a strong legacy and importance among everyone in society. Energy powers infrastructure,...