2020: The Year in Review


Our team at EntityKeeper is ready to greet 2021 with open arms. We have exciting new releases and partnerships that we are planning for the new year (stay tuned!). However, we wanted to take a moment to reflect on 2020 and what the year looked like for our team.

The challenges we faced this year taught us how important it is to support teams working remotely, have secure, real-time access to important data, and the need to pivot to support the growth of companies during unprecedented times. We are grateful to be able to support our customers and to walk through this year together.

Looking back, there are a few highlights that happened at our company that we would like to share:

Earlier this year, we added the ability to build and manage capitalization tables across multiple owners and entities. Customers can easily assign values (down to the decimal place) to entities and view ownership percentage from one platform.

Our updated Org Chart Builder gave customers the ability to automate building and updating org charts. Org charts update automatically from information in different tabs in each account, like bank accounts, jurisdictions, and owners.

We know that every company has different needs, so we integrated more customization features: toggle on and off details, drag and drop entities into org charts, organize and label with colors, tag entities by shapes, save specific views of your org chart, and much more.

In response to the many challenges that companies have faced this year, we gave new customers free access to our platform for eight weeks. Supporting customers by giving them one central point of truth, secure access from wherever they are working, and helping to align teams and departments continue to be an important part of our "why."

Although we faced challenges and unexplored territories this year, we really could not have done it without our team of dedicated employees and our incredible customers.

Beyond our platform and features, we are people that truly want to support customers by making their jobs easier while giving them the tools needed to expand their operations.

We are here, ready to support you and your team in the new year and beyond.

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