4 Ways You Can Prepare for Your Employees’ PTO This Holiday Season


With the holiday season just around the corner, your employees will likely be taking some time off. In order to help prevent problems that typically occur when your employees are away, we created a list of the top four things you can do to ensure your business runs smoothly while key employees are on vacation time. 

1. Ensure your team prepares

Just because an employee is taking time off doesn’t mean that the flow of business stops. Projects and deadlines will need to be taken care of regardless of who is in or out of the office. It is important to ask your team to address any looming projects or deadlines before they leave for vacation.

2. Ensure you have access to information and deadlines

There’s a chance that you’ll need access to entity information or that an important due date can fall under the cracks while your employees are away. Entity management software like EntityKeeper can help you store and search entity information and alert you of legal timelines so that you don’t have to rely on getting in touch with your employees during their time off. There are serious consequences for missing legal filing dates, but with EntityKeeper, you can be sure that those deadlines won’t go unnoticed just because a team member is away from the office.

3. Keep everyone in the loop

It is important that team members and clients know when an employee is out of the office. Be sure to remind your employees to set up out-of-office email replies and to update their voicemail greetings with an alternate contact and with their date of departure and return. Also, consider encouraging employees to contact their clients personally to let them know when they will be away.

4. Encourage them to enjoy

Taking time off is important for team morale. Be sure to encourage your employees to enjoy their time away and let them know that the team will support their projects in their absence. 

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