Why Automation Matters - A Sneak Peak at the Benefits of SaaS in the Workplace


Automation has changed the way that we work and live forever.

Automation is responsible for society’s ability to progress – making completing difficult and time-consuming tasks lightning fast and easier.

In many industries, automation has provided countless benefits, removing tedious tasks from the job descriptions of highly qualified employees and increasing the overall productivity of organizations of all sizes.

Here are some of the most important ways automation is transforming the business world for the better.


Making room for brain-intensive work

We all have aspects of our jobs we’d prefer to offload, but how many people on your team are being underutilized because their time is consumed by rote and mundane tasks? Data entry and report generation are vital functions within an organization, but they don’t require the sort of strategic thinking and problem-solving ability that your employees bring to the table.

When you implement software and systems to automate those tasks, you give your employees the freedom to do the kind of work you hired them to do — the thoughtful, brain-intensive work that requires space and time.

Not sure what the benefits of this could be to your team? Consider this research from the Center for Brain Health, which dug into how strategic thinking strengthens intellectual capacity. “We found that it was not learning new information that engaged widespread brain networks and elevated cognitive performance, but rather actually deeper processing of information and using that information in new ways that augmented brain performance,” the study found.


Less margin for human error

Many of our clients come to us after years of managing dozens if not hundreds of legal entities in Excel. As we pointed out in a recent post, there are some serious problems with that — most of which stem from the looming spectre of human error.

Everyone makes mistakes; we don’t find fault in the phenomenon as a whole. In fact, mistakes and failure can be a breeding ground for some of the most transformational ideas and concepts.

But there are certain areas where mistakes can cost you — a lot. In managing legal entities for instance, you’ve got to hit your annual report deadlines, or else face possible dissolution of your businesses. In the world of accounting, miscalculations can cost you, quite literally, in ways large and small.

With technology and automation, there is still room for error. Nothing is foolproof. But it removes one source of potential error from the equation: us.


Be as responsive as technologically possible

Artificial intelligence and programs such as chat bots allow us to have entire, productive conversations with machines. Siri has become a go-to resource for Apple users, for instance. There’s an entire generation of drivers dependent on GPS to go just about everywhere. And companies now have a way to respond to customers and clients even when no employees are on the clock.

This is a critical development when you’re dealing with a 24/7 world and employees who still need to sleep. An AI/chatbot system can handle incoming calls and requests, take care of the simplest requests and route the more complex issues to the right people on staff. Your customers get the satisfaction of feeling heard, even in the middle of the night, which hopefully leads to greater retention. That’s always the goal.


Save time and, more importantly, money

Some technology is expensive — period. Building out systems that manage entire operations can cost millions of dollars, depending on what you’re trying to accomplish.

But many tech platforms are extremely affordable, providing access to transformational software for the cost of a gym membership — or less. Companies save time, with faster and more streamlined operations. That, in turn, saves money, in the form of reduced margins of error and increased employee retention — because when you give your people tools that make their jobs easier, they tend to stick around.


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